SAP Upgrade

SAP constantly adds new product features and functionalities to keep pace with technological innovations. Organizations may lose out on the opportunity to improve productivity, performance and ease of use by not implementing these upgrades. However, the implementation of such enhancements can present a major challenge and disrupt a company's functioning. Therefore, an appropriate change management strategy has to be plotted, keeping in mind the specific requirements of the business.

With over a decade of experience in successful SAP upgrade implementation, Sigitek works closely with enterprises to manage all aspects of the SAP system upgrades and migration. Our services range from planning through functional development activities up to go-live and support.


What Sigitek Provides

  • Standardized project approach
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Functional Upgrade
  • Modular deliverables
  • Comprehensive hierarchically structured packages
  • Multiple delivery models for cost reduction
  • Robust process to assess the potential impact of the upgrade
  • Identify specific areas for improving business processes





How Businesses Benefit

  • No major changes in the standard business functionality
  • An effective continuity plan to minimize system downtime
  • Thorough regression testing
  • Modification clearing
  • Planned change management for functional upgrades
  • Precise hardware sizing
  • Effective risk management
  • Minimized support costs for SAP applications and infrastructure