Enterprise Services

Sigitek is emerging as one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider to meet almost any business need and help our customers take important business decisions confidently. With years of inputs from our customers and with our familiarity across industry domain, we have been developing and deploying such solutions that help them make informed decisions. Sigitek offers extensive ERP transformation and modernization experience.

We continually enhance our ERP solutions and services through our partnerships with leading product vendors, including SAP and Oracle. We don’t just help them find the right ERP solution, we help deploy, manage, upgrade, support, and we also provide them with a full range of services that you might need to run your business in the best way possible.

Web & Mobile Services

To stand out in the era of Digital Business, you need unique and innovative mobile apps and web applications. You must develop them quickly, often starting with unclear and changing requirements. We provide simple and intuitive development environments that support you throughout the life-cycle of your applications. We are committed to delivering the best mobile and Web development technologies to allow you to take full advantage of all the opportunities of the era of Digital Business. As web technology is on the move, we successfully not only moves along with it but also gain momentum in advancing solutions so that your business grows parallel with our expertise simultaneously adapting to your business requisites.


Staffing Services

Human Resources form the backbone of any organization – be it a large corporate house, or an SME. However, the process of acquiring Human Resources can be quite expensive and time consuming, deviating you from your core functions.

Organizations are focused more and more on their core activities; headcount plays an important role in measuring business effectiveness; certain businesses see peaks and troughs in their activities and look for flexibility in their manpower plan to match with the cyclical demand pattern.

The need for flexibility of workforce, improvement in productivity and legal compliance at the workplace is more than ever before. To help organizations meet this demand, Sigitek offers the right solution that covers almost every aspect of HR needs right from recruitment to exit requirements.