Sigitek, a specialist in providing Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and building custom enterprise solutions using Microsoft Technologies. We offers software development and testing services for building and deploying Windows applications, Web-based applications, Web services and integration, Workflow applications, E-commerce frameworks and Mixed-mode applications (pre .NET and .NET technologies, .NET with third-party components).

Our Microsoft capability has helped many companies address business challenges like exponential data growth, critical performance requirements and high usability expectations. We develop applications based on the Microsoft .NET framework which are scalable, intuitive and can easily integrate with other third party solutions.

D365 & AX

We delivers full-spectrum Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services for Microsoft AX, Business Central, CRM across industries. Our clients discover their business pain areas and leverage our domain knowledge transform their business


Build a robust and high-performing SharePoint environment to optimize your business productivity thus enabling Document Management System (DMS), Workflows, Intranet Portals, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Team Collaboration Environment.


Whether mobile, desktop or web, .net framework, our developers build applications across multiple platforms and also provides language interoperability across numerous programming languages.