As one of the top global digital solutions companies, Sigitek serves leading enterprises across industries, offering them tailored, domain-specific IT solutions and services.

Retail & Ecommerce

Sigitek’s portfolio of services enable retail organizations to operate their information technology systems more cost effectively and efficiently. Our offerings span the entire spectrum of retail value chain covering marketing, merchandising, supplier collaboration, warehouse management, and store management operations.


Sigitek enables CPG companies to transform their businesses with robust IT services and solutions for the industry. Enterprises can leverage our innovative Digital, Industrial IoT and Analytics solutions, and our rich expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, to enhance their business processes. By Partnering with us, you can definitely boost productivity.

Oil & Gas

Sigitek helps Oil & Gas Industry with IT Services and Solutions across Upstream, Midstream and Downstream activities. We help O&G enterprises steer ahead of competition by adopting emerging technologies to digitize their entire value chain. we have delivered powerful real-time advanced analytics and decision support capabilities to several global clients.



Our experience in manufacturing domain has resulted not just in improvising in quality and numbers, but also adapted to the digital age of technology and information. We go with the cross-platform compatibility and collaboration to reach out to a wider client base and connect better with customers.

Energy & Utilities

With our years of exp in software development and domain expertise, we can deliver customized applications for our clients in energy and utilities industry, which can help with various business benefits like high fault tolerance, low downtime and less human interruption and dependencies.


Sigitek leverages its rich domain expertise to implement cutting-edge IT services for logistics companies, helping address the industry’s key challenges effectively. We offer high-quality Transport Logistics IT Solutions, ERP deployment skills, and customized business intelligence capabilities.