ITC Reconciliation or GSTR2A Reconciliation is a must-do exercise for every business to increase their profitability. The majority of the taxpayers have been availing input tax credit based on vendor invoices posted in their Tax G/Ls. The GST Regime is moving towards allowing input tax credit based on vendor’s GST returns alone, thereby posing a challenge on the cash flow in the future as well as reconciliation for previous years.

Manual Reconciliation, using 3rd party software is always a cumbersome process for companies.

“Do not lose your input credit just because of manual accounting errors”

FEATURES of GSTR2A Reconciliation

Mitigates the risk of ITC Reversal

Easy Reconciliation Process

Intelligent Suggestion for Mismatch

Get Rid of any Excel Based Formula

View of ITC For a Given Period

Report for Match/Un-match List


GSTR2A Reconciliation

BENEFITS OF GSTR2A Reconciliation

It can fully work on SAP. Developed entirely in ABAP language. Do not require any additional system or any extra web software portal, etc

Implementation of the solutions is simple almost as plug & play. Upgrade & Maintenance is simple to compliance with future changes

Designed by team of SAP experts. All processes are designed from an ERP and integration point of view considering users’ requirements and efficiency.