A digital signature is a validation to the authenticity of the documents sent by you to your customers. It is to let the receiver know that the document has been completely crafted by you and there were no changes during the transit.
SIGI: DSC IN SAP is an on-premise Digital Signature system that integrates into your SAP for real-time signing of documents.  Preview, Sign & Print invoices, debit notes and credit notes for customers directly from SAP

Digitally Sign Documents from SAP & Other ERP

Sign Digitally Unlimited Documents from SAP & Other ERP 

API Enabled

Developed with Rest APIs to connect with SAP or any Other ERP.

Workflow & O365

Ability to Integrate with O365 for viewing documents and signing from Mobile, Tab or System.

Server Based Sign

Company’s PKI-based signature certificates including HSM-based certificates can be used for signing.

Compiance & Security

Comprehensive audit trail and logs as well as a repository of signed files is maintained on the signature server.

Scalable & Reliable

Highly scalable, high throughput. Supports high signature volumes. Ability to handle High Volume Documents..

Serverless Architecture

Can be Hosted On-Premise or Cloud SAAS Model. Developed on Serverless Architecture Model to minimize Infra Set Up.


  1. Automated signing of large number of documents quickly.
  2. Save time, money and resources. Streamline your processes.
  3. Eliminate the risk of forgery and document tampering.
  4. Eliminate the need to print documents. Save paper, go green.
  5. Convenience of anytime/anywhere online signing. No hassle of posting documents around for signatures.
  6. Signatures as per regulations of Govt. of India.