A digital signature is a validation to the authenticity of the documents sent by you to your customers. It is to let the receiver know that the document has been completely crafted by you and there were no changes during the transit.
SIGI: DSC IN SAP is an on-premise Digital Signature system that integrates into your SAP for real-time signing of documents.  Preview, Sign & Print invoices, debit notes and credit notes for customers directly from SAP

Digital Signature in SAP

Available in both Client Side & Server Side Signature Methods
  • Client Side Signature Method
    • Can be installed on a standard user desktop / laptop
    • USB token-based authentication of X509 standard digital signature recognized by GSTN India
    • Supports one digital signature at pre-defined position on the output document
    • Offers full integration to SAP ECC / S4HANA backend systems
    • Preview & Print or Email Digitally Signed Invoice directly from SAP
    • Capability to send email attachments of signed invoices
    • Capability to store digitally signed copies on local hard drive
    • No Additional efforts for Smart Form conversion or ADS License Requirement.
Server Side Signature Method
  • SIGITEK will remotely install the Signer Appliance on a dedicated server or VM assigned by the CLIENT.
  • Our extensive signature capabilities are available via a comprehensive set of REST APIs that can be invoked from within exiting SAP system workflows.
  • The document signing capability will be easily integrated into your workflows using suitable API functions.
  • As CLIENT goes with document signer certificate, no DSC required to be connected to end user machine.
  • Signature certificates can be stored on same server/VM keystore.
  • Integration of signing function is possible in any standard and custom transaction code.
  • You will be able to sign single file or range/bulk files generating through any transaction code.
  • Signed document can be printed and mailed automatically.
  • Server will keep all logs and backup of signed files for audit purpose.
  • SIGITEK will also do DR/DC architecture for CLIENT if required.
  • Signed Documents can also be saved in SAP DMS.

The digital signature certificate used for signing can be any of the signature types and containers issued under CCA, Govt of India. These include:

    • Class 2 / Class 3 certificates
    • Corporate Document Signer Certificates
    • Corporate Document Signer certificate stored in an HSM (FIPS 140-2) device connected to the appliance server.
    • Individual DSC tokens
    • Organization Certificates either on DSC tokens or HSM.


  1. Automated signing of large number of documents quickly.
  2. Save time, money and resources. Streamline your processes.
  3. Eliminate the risk of forgery and document tampering.
  4. Eliminate the need to print documents. Save paper, go green.
  5. Convenience of anytime/anywhere online signing. No hassle of posting documents around for signatures.
  6. Signatures as per regulations of Govt. of India.